Android App Mock Up


General Rules:

  • Maximum 2 students per team.
  • The app should be innovative and participants own creation.
  • The idea must be mailed on or before 30th January 2018 along with the participant details i.e name, department, college, mail id and contact number on
  • Basic requirement i.e electric power supply will be made available to the participants.
  • Participants should bring all


      Stage 1:

In this stage students are able to register by submitting their ideas about mobile applications that they would like to develop. All ideas will be evaluated within few days from submission and if accepted, participants can start with the application development.


      Stage 2:

Teams whose ideas have been approved will be eligible to submit their apps and other necessary attachments: Screenshots, Video promo, Application, GitHub link, etc.


Final Stage:

  • UI Design – design of the User Interface and graphic elements
  • User Experience (UX) – functionality, efficiency, logical structure
  • Usefulness – providing useful information to users, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Innovation and Uniqueness – difference from the mobile apps currently available, app niche
  • Number of supported platforms and Open source

Faculty Coordinator:  Mrs. Poonam Yadav (9910592829)

Student Coordinator: Tamanna (8588977441), Kajal (9582183792)