Monster Gaming



Missing the hushed voices, silent footsteps, reload of a gun, a gush of nitrous. Then in that case folks we return with the promise of more carnage, further destruction and the crowning of another champion. Come and experience the aura of actual LAN gaming where you spend hours full of thrill and excitement. For all those gamers out there looking for another opportunity to show-off their unusual talent, hold your horses because here comes CSI Regional Convention 2018 (RSC-2018)’s LAN Gaming competitive event with some of the best and most played games on the LAN. Be the Gaming King!!

Counter Strike

  1. 1st round will be knife round.
  2. For the knife round, map will be 1_hp. The winner of the knife round picks the side they want to play first(CT or T).
  3. Matches will be played 5 on 5.
  4. The map list is decided by Event Coordinators.
  1. Automatic snipers (D3/Au-1,Krieg-550),tactical shield and smoke grenades are strictly not allowed.
  2. General rules settings:
  • Starting Money:$16,000
  • Spectate is OFF, fadetoblock is ON
  • Map Time :3 minutes
  • C4 Timer:45 seconds
  • Freeze Time:5 seconds
  • Buy Time:30 seconds
  • Friendly Fire:OFF
  1. Team messages are allowed.
  2. If disconnection occurs during a match then scores till the last round will continue and starting money will be decided by the organizers.
  3. Playing with fewer than 5 players in any match is permitted with captain’s agreement.
  4. Use of particular console commands will be informed by the organizers on the day of tournament.
  5. Players may bring their own mousepads & headphones. Mouse and Keyboards are strictly not allowed.



  1. Cars will be provided by organizing committee.
  2. Individual event. no team is allowed.
  3. Each race would have a maximum of 4 participants.
  4. Each Course may be modified by the organizing committee. Players will be informed before the tournament of any such modifications.
  5. Each round will be investigated by organizing committee whether one player is trying to block another player or not & if it happens at that time, the player will be disqualified.
  6. N2O, collision damage & performance matching will be decided by organizing committee.

Type of Rounds:

  • Easy and Zippy: There will be a circuit given to shortlist the number of participants. The winner of each race would proceed for the next round.
  • Kno c k ‘e m out: Knock out races would be conducted with high traffic. The winners will qualify for the final round.
  • Race to finish: A final sprint and circuit races with high traffic will be held to decide the ultimate winner by winning both sprint & circuit races. (No Drag Race). The car for final race will only be BMW M3 GTR of Blacklist No 1.


  • Game mode: Team death.
    • Time: 8mins 10secs.
  • Players: 5 per team
  • Coin Toss is used to decide which map is to be selected.
  • In the incident of tie 3 min more game on same MAP the other team gets to choose the map for rematch. 
  • Coin toss for flag Match (CTF) or Death Match (DM).
  • Each team can choose a variety of weapons depending upon the map.
  • If one of the players forfeits the match, the team will be disqualified and the other team will be declared winner (IRRESPECTIVE OF THE SCORE).

Registration Fee:-


CSI Members

Non CSI Members

NFS Most Wanted (individual)



Counter Strike (team of 5)



Mini Militia (team of 5)



Faculty Coordinator:  Mr. Vinod Kumar (9466993218)

Student Coordinator: 

NFS Most Wanted Nikhil (8627059440)

Manish (9354810101)

Counter Strike Robil (8130744854)

Rishabh (8860364393)

Mini Militia Rishabh Saluja (9868074658)

Abhishak Bansal (8130124840)

Ankit (8745030048)