Treasure Hunt


Treasure Hunt:

The treasure hunt is organized to make this a fair and fun experience for everyone involved. If you want to submit your score sheet and compete, your team must certify that you faithfully complied with the following rules, which will be strictly enforced. Due to complaints about cheating, significant sanctions will be imposed upon any team in violation.

General Rules:

  • Maximum number of participants in a team is four.
  • You must travel by foot. You cannot use cars, taxis, buses, bicycles, or any other wheeled transport.
  • Your team cannot split up. This means that your entire team must be at the same clue site at the same time, and must stay within sight and earshot of one another (generally, within twenty to forty feet). Half of your team cannot be around a corner, or down the block, and one or two members cannot sprint ahead of the others. You cannot communicate with teammates using cell phones unless you have become unintentionally separated. This also means that you cannot arrange to have someone at another location doing research for you.
  • You can use resources which exist independently of the treasure hunt, such as libraries, bookstores, and the internet, but you cannot arrange ahead of time to have someone provide information to your team, because they would be functioning as a team member who was not physically present. If someone on your team becomes separated, has to leave early or to stop for health or personal reasons, they can rejoin you later, but they cannot participate in the hunt by searching for clues while they are separated from the rest of your team.
  • You cannot get a head start on other teams. This means that you cannot view the clues, or leave the starting site announces from the stage that the hunt has begun.
  • You cannot move, destroy, or interfere with the adhesive letters. Violators will have their fingers confiscated.
  • You cannot guess or fill in something on the answer sheet without having visited the site. The point is to solve the clue and find the tokens, or the information. You must actually to go the site to receive credit for having solved the clue.
  • Winning teams often solve some of the clues, and plot an effective route before setting out, taking geography and the parade route into consideration. Each team should have a Coordinator — a responsible person who will complete the score-sheet, and insure that team members don’t become lost or get eaten by dragons.

Faculty Coordinator:  Mr. Gaurav Thakur (8750980927)

Student Coordinator:  Himanshu (7835836315), Mohit (828500888)